Information Security Policy Statement

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Tactful Consult Limited is dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its information and information assets, meeting the needs of all stakeholders, and constantly improving its ISMS.

Tactful Consult Limited is devoted to giving its customers, stakeholders, business partners, and staff a secure environment for processing information because it knows and recognizes the significance of “information” to its business operations.

By implementing preventive, deterrent, detective and corrective controls against unauthorized access, disclosure, and loss, Tactful Consult will ensure the privacy of customers, stakeholders, business partners, and employee information.

The ISMS has been built to adhere to all legal and regulatory criteria set forth by regulatory bodies. The following guidelines will be followed to safeguard the information:

  • Information security will be based on the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  • Making sure that all preventive, deterrent, detective, and corrective control are implemented.
  • Constantly and proactively managing risks in accordance with Tactful Consult ‘s risk tolerance
  • Protecting the data and its information processing infrastructure against threats from both internal and external sources to ensure the privacy of the organization’s, customers’, stakeholders’, business partners’, and employees’ information.
  • Fostering awareness among clients, partners in business, stakeholders, and staff members through sharing information and accountability
  • Making sure that all government legislation and regulatory regulations are followed.
  • Regularly reviewing, aligning the information security policy with Tactful Consult ‘s business goals, and informing all parties involved of any modifications.